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Transform Your Employee Experience

Optimize Your Business Process

Walk In Your Genius Zone!


About Our Business

At Zone Walk Solutions (ZWS) we partner to create everyday solutions that enable business leaders to focus on their expertise. People and process are fun, but struggling with them is not. If you'd like to do more of what you love every day, and drive the transformational people and process outcomes that are becoming essential to your thriving business, you are in the right place!


We create change in 3 impact areas:

  • Employee Experience

  • Strategic Talent Selection

  • Operations Optimization


We leverage a combination of personal and professional strengths and industry tools to create the space for leaders to build a productive and dynamic workplace. We believe that we serve our clients and ourselves best when we can walk in our genius zone.

Our Solutions

Transform Your Experience


Job Interview

Talent Selection Zone

Dancing Hands

Employee Experience Zone

Image by Anthony Indraus

Ops Studio

Many business leaders need support during the hiring and talent selection process.  We partner with hiring managers to drive purposeful candidate interviewing and pre-employment processing, to help ensure right-fit selection during the hiring process.

In the Employee Experience Zone we partner with business leaders to create a stimulating and inspired Employee Experience.  Highly engaged and empowered employees deliver results that amaze themselves and you!

Let us partner with you to Optimize your Operation. We will offer ZSolutions to address expressed process concerns and identify new opportunities to increase team and business leader capacity.


Meet Krista

CEO & Founder

I’m Krista Hayes, SPHR and I’ve spent my professional career in corporate roles in financial services leading operations, growing talent and optimizing process. I am also married to a long-time business owner and CPA who I have watched build an incredible business with vision, expertise and relentless commitment; And I have a network of friends and family who have taken the brave entrepreneurial plunge. Because of these experiences and relationships, I have had a front row seat to the successes and challenges associated with running a business in these two very different environments. In both spaces we want to make our clients happy and ourselves too!


I am a creative spirit and a compassionate and structured leader at my core, who has an enthusiasm for culture and a passion for people.  It is this compelling set of personal traits that has cultivated high producing leaders, created inspired, conversation-worthy workplace experiences for employees and resulted in noteworthy process efficiency in my journey as a business professional. I’ve led teams that were recognized for delivering award winning business solutions and watched team members soar professionally while doing it.


It is my desire to exploit these traits to create amazing experiences for business leaders and team members everywhere, that energized me to establish Zone Walk Solutions.

Laughing During a Meeting
"As peers, I had the opportunity to experience Krista's outstanding professionalism, balanced strategic leadership and operational excellence...while enjoying her warm personality and contagious laughter."

Laura R., CT

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