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Talent Selection Zone

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Right-Fit Hiring

Staffing is the lifeblood of an organization and making a strategic talent selection has the potential for profound and exciting impact on the company and its employees.  

Would you love to meet your vision of purposeful and strategic hiring? 


TSZ at Zone Walk Solutions offers a distinctive suite of services to maximize the unique opportunity that hiring new talent brings to your organization.  We get it and we will partner with you to take a candidate through the application, interview and selection process to support making a right-fit hiring decision.

Make an Optimal Talent Selection!

We go beyond recruiting to ensure a positive new hire experience.  LET US...​

  • Create a new or refine your existing job description(s) 

  • Lead and manage talent recruiting

  • We'll even - partner in the candidate interview and selection process

  • Support a thoughtful and positive onboarding 

  • BONUS: A peek into the ZWS transformative Employee Experience framework!

Employees want the right fit too...

68% of millennials indicated that they visit an employer’s social media profiles to evaluate the employer’s brand.


                                        - Louis Naviasky (Bayard Advertising)

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